Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Intro Post

Greetings Blog viewers, if you didn't know already I'm Joey. Im a High School student, and open to anything new. I've come acorss a few great blogs, and they've kind of inspired me to create one of my own. So this is it in it's infancy. I'll be blogging about everything from fashion, to auto sports, to tattoos, to music, to anime, and anything else that catches my interest. As for the name of my blog "Lovely Disgust", it's something that summarizes what alot of people think of me. Many people don't like me because of what i do and who i am. Fuck em'. I would say i'm very different from the people in my community. However, there are a select few that i connect with, and they are my closest friends. So along with hate and criticsm (Disgust), comes a very good goup of friends, and a sense of individuality (Lovely). So feel free to leave comments or message me on myspace (myspace.com/conflixx). Thnks alots guys!!